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27 December 2010

Debate I Vs C

Biography of the panel;
  • Ahmed Deedat
Ahmed Hussein Deedat (July 1, 1918 – August 8, 2005) (Urdu: احمد حسين ديدات) was a Muslim writer and public speaker of Indian South African descent. He was best known for his numerous inter-religious public debates with evangelical Christians, as well as pioneering video lectures, most of which centered around Islam, Christianity and the Bible. He also established the IPCI, an international Islamic missionary organization, and wrote several booklets on Islam and Christianity which were widely distributed by the organization. He was awarded the prestigious King Faisal Award in 1986 for his 50 years of missionary work. One focus of his work was providing Muslims with theological tools for defending themselves against active Proselytizing by Christian missionaries. He used English to get his message across to Muslims and the non-Muslims in the western world.
  • Anis Shorrosh
Anis Shorrosh is a Palestinian, Arab evangelical Christian, who has published many books and has debated with the late Ahmad Deedat.
Shorrosh served as pastor and evangelist in the Middle East from 1959-1966. In September 1995, Dr.Shorrosh was guest lecturer at NCI Bible College, Auckland, New Zealand. In the years 2004-2005, he held a tour around the world, giving lectures and holding debates.
Shorrosh is the translator of The True Furqan, which he says is intended to challenge the Qur'an. Shorrosh translated the book from English to Arabic language, however the true identity of the book's original authors is not proclaimed.

The Debate


The debate started and Sheikh Ahmed Deedat spoke first, he gave many points to prove that Bible is NOT the word of God. She showed amazing fables from the Bible, showed contradictions etc. in his 75 minutes. Then Shorrosh came to speak for his 75 minutes, he did not touch any point by Sheikh Deedat. See, he had 75 long minutes and since he was speaking second, he was obliged to reply to the point by Sheikh Deedat, but he NEVER did it. He infact was reading from the papers at a speed of 100 miles/hour and it was impossible to catch and note down the points that he was raising.

Now did he win the debate?

He in his 75 minutes did not touch any point raised by Ahmed Deedat. He had said in his last debate in 1985 against Deedat that 75% of the Quran is copied from the Bible and Deedat quoted him in his talk. When he came to speak, he could not show one example in 75 minutes out of the “75%”. The Arabic Bible was available to him as well as the Arabic Quran. Furthermore, Deedat replied to some of his points in his 15 minutes rebuttal and reminded of him to show what is copied from the Bible in the Quran. Shorrosh when he had his rebuttal again failed to show anything.

Deedat showed fables from the Bible. Like

“After Ehud came Shamgar son of Anath, who struck down six hundred Philistines with an oxgoad. He too saved Israel.” (Judges 3:31)

In reply to such fables from the Bible he said that “Masudi” a Muslim scholar said in his book that Hazrat Ali killed 500 people in a day with his hands.

Now what are we gonna do with it? The debate was on the Quran and the Bible not about Masudi or any Christian scholar. Does the Quran say that Hazrat Ali killed 500 people with his hands? These were the replies that he was giving.

He said that his “research” on Quran, which he was going to present, would shake the faith of Muslims, I thought perhaps he has something to prove his point, but all he was doing is using dumb logic and saying utter nonsense. Why do I say so? Well I’ll tell you.

Shorrosh’s logic:

He was simply assuming Bible to be the word of God. If suppose there are two statements, which differ in the Quran and the Bible. A Muslim would accept what the Quran says and a Christian would accept what the Bible says. It’s a fair deal, since both of them believe their Holy book to be authentic, but can you use this argument in a debate? Just because the statement differs, does it prove that Bible is right and the Quran is wrong? Shorrosh was using this dumb logic in a debate. Only a missionary can think of such a logic! He was like well the Bible says this and the Quran differs, so Bible is True and Quran is not. Bible says this and Quran says that, so Bible is right and Quran is wrong. This was the level of intelligence of this lying missionary.

Hilarious points by Shorrosh to attack the credibility of the Quran.

1. Quran is not for the whole of human kind because Muslims did not translate it until 1415.
2. He used point on women in Islam to discredit the Quran. This is altogether another topic, and the points which he raised can all be used against him in a much worse manner, since I am not writing a rebuttal to his talk, therefore, I won’t be dealing with them right now. But do topics on women in Islam discredit the Quran from being God’s word? What type of a dumb logic is this.

3. Then he went on to say well Muslims do this and that. What has it to do with the Quran? Was the debate on the Muslim’s behavior or the Quran?
4. Then he went on to say that Muslims did this in history, they did that. Khalid Bin Waleen (RA) did this and did that. What has it do with the Quran?

5. Then from his “research” he told us the sources of the Quran. He was like well Muhammad (pbuh) copied from Nestorian Christians, he copied from this and he copied from that. Now is the argument to discredit the Quran? Do you call it sound evidence? He was simply alleging that Muhammad (pbuh) copied from this person and that person to “prove” his point that Quran is not from God. This was his dumb logic.

These were the sort of arguments that he used, and the speed was no less than 100 miles/hour. The audience immediately thought that this guy was a joke and they all started laughing at him.

Anis Shorrosh is nothing but a lying Missionary who falsely claims to have won the debate against Deedat. Sheikh Deedat replied to many points in his two rebuttals , 15 minutes each. But Shorrosh din’t reply to anything in his 75 minutes nor in his rebuttal of 15 minutes and he also failed the challenge of Sheikh Deedat when he asked him to show that 75% of the Quran is copied from the Bible as Shorrosh had stated.

From the above reasons, we can conclude that the winner of the debate was undoubtedly Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and not Anis Shorrosh.

In my opinion, before we take any of there at the debate, we have to take a method of reviewing all the arguments for all the arguments are debated the truth through our research. In the context of Islam and Christianity, Islam will definitely support the Muslim and Christians supporting Christian. This causes the truth will not come out of falsehood. So it is necessary to research and study whether it is true, is it just words or whether it was false. Therefore, we as believers should investigate the religion we professed religious and we do not have to be someone who follows his religion without science is follow-up. Taqaballahu minkum soleh al'amal.

SubhanakAllahumma wabihamdik, ashaduallah ila a illa anta, astaghfiruka wa atubu ilaik.

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